Audience at the World Village Festival.
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Andrea Balogh

nicolas poincaré et géraldine muhlmann marconinin kısa hayat hikayesi Kepa in a nutshell

Kepa is a platform for Finnish civil society organizations and an expert on global development issues. With more than 300 members focusing on development cooperation, global education or advocacy work, Kepa brings people together to take action for a just world.

new yorker tampere työpaikat We believe that it's possible to solve the greatest development challenges of our era from climate change to inequality and poverty by making the right political decisions. We need democratic ownership for creating ambitious politics and policies which is impossible without strong and vibrant civil society ‒ and each one of us.

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Building CSOs capacity

tuija lindström dubai väsynyt på svenska form a diverse field representing different types and sizes of organisations. What unites these actors are shared values and work or interest for global development issues. Our role is to make members stronger civil society actors by offering training, advisory services and opportunities for networking and cooperation. Our training and learning events reach 1500 participants each year.

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Offering spaces and opportunities for action

whatsapp indir telefona nasıl indirilir tarkenee jvg kuka laulaa kertosäkeen Kepa brings CSOs and active citizens together through different events and discussion platforms. The biggest of all Kepa's events is the on est très fiers organized once a year in May. Being a mix of multicultural music and art festival and CSO event with hundreds of debates on global development issues, the World Village Festival provides a platform for more than 400 CSOs to present their work and attracts about 80 000 visitors on annual level. keskeytymätön kolmivuorotyö vuosityöaika  

janne tulkki sisältä kultaa lyrics imperiumin tuho oppitunteja tämän päivän venäjälle kovin lämäri nhl Our own communication channels provide understandable information with fresh viewpoints digging into the development issues of the day. Join us for changing the world or find new meaningful activities through Kepa!