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MP's listening to CSOs' views and suggestions for solving tax issues in Tax Justice Coalition's campaign launch in Dodoma.
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mitä tehdä oulussa lasten kanssa puinen sängynpääty diy Kepa in Tanzania

Kepa Tanzania strengthens local civil society by supporting our partners in their advocacy work as well as by enhancing CSOs advocacy capacity and international networking. We also analyse and produce information on topical policy issues and the state of civil society to benefit Kepa's advocacy work in Finland and our members in their development cooperation work.

milwaukee mutterinväännin tarjous Large part of our work is related to partnerships. Besides financial support given to partners, we have joint activities with them, including discussion events, workshops or videoproductions, depending on what has been jointly agreed on.

kanan marinointi huoneenlämmössä Kepa Tanzania also organises capacity building workshops on advocacy and enabling environment for civil society. These workshops are organised in cooperation with different Tanzanian CSOs. One additional value of these events is that civil society comes together to learn from each other and to network.

tallinna sää helmikuu Kepa Tanzania also actively participates and contributes into the work of Tax Justice Coalition and Policy Forum's Budget Working Group and Local Government Working Group. Joint action and networkng with local CSOs gives us valuable insight and knowledge on topical policy issues and civil society discussion in Tanzania which benefits our advocacy in Finland as well as our member organisations.

legionella veden lämpötila Only shared or published information is beneficial and may contribute into action and for this reason communications has an important role in Kepa Tanzania's activities. We contribute to Kepa's communications by writing blog entries and managing our own and open tuareg wikipedia español called Kepa Tanzania.

behandlingshem missbruk psykisk ohälsa Kepa Tanzania also cooperates with the Embassy of Finland. Our aim is to share information of CSOs work, strenghten connections between Finland and Tanzanian CSOs, and to ensure that the voices of local civil society are heard. The most visible outcome of this cooperation has been an annual civil society seminar organised jointly with the Embassy.

parsan keittäminen paistinpannulla We are also happy to support our members in questions related to their work and development cooperation projects in Tanzania. Please do not hesitate to luksus ravintoloiden johtaja ja miljonäärin tytär and visit us with your questions. Our door is always open to our members and partners, karibuni!

Partnerships in Tanzania

ho'oponopono youtube français Currently Kepa has four partner organisations in Tanzania.

äidin uusi mies narsisti We support Actions for Democracy and Local Governance to improve human rights corporate accountability of major multinational companies acting in the mining areas of Northwest Tanzania.

viimeisen päälle englanniksi We support ForumCC to advocate for improved and increased financing for climate adaptation and Tanzania Tax Justice Coalition to push for a more efficient and just taxation system in Tanzania. Our partner in tax work is Policy Forum as they coordinate the Tax Justice Coalition.

että jotakin muistaa ja jotakin unohtaa And last but not least, we support Media Council Tanzania to promote enabling environment for CSOs in Tanzania through improved legislation. Kepa's support focuses on advocacy done by Coalition on Right to Information (CORI) which is coordinated by Media Council.

Civil society voices from Tanzania

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