Farmers in Vasiyuca, Nicaragua.
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puissance publique définition baka mandelmusslor med mandelmjöl Kepa's partners

Kepa's partners are committed civil society actors working for poverty reduction and social change towards a just world. Together we work for the same advocacy themes: development financing, corporate accountability, tax justice, climate justice and enabling environment for civil society.

pomoćnik u nastavi plaća 2015 jääkiekon säännöt korkea maila sombreros locos para niños en monterrey Besides giving financial support, Kepa supports partners to enhance their advocacy skills and operational capacity. kaupan alan työehtosopimus irtisanomisaika One of our aims is to enhance international cooperation and to create opportunities for our partners to engage in relevant international policy processes.mustafa ali sarılı twitter  

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Partners in Cambodia

Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC)

leiterplatten ätzen lassen The Cooperation Committee of Cambodia (CCC) is an umbrella organisation for Cambodian NGOs focusing on advocacy and NGO capacity building. Kepa endorses the strategic plan of CCC and partially finances its implementation. The areas of joint interest for us and CCC are advocacy for enabling environment for civil society focusing on legal frameworks, and capacity building focusing on CSO governance capacity, effectiveness and sustainablity.

Partners in Mozambiquevihreät miesten housut osakeyhtiön lopettaminen selvitysmenettely mitä pitää tehdä kun jää työttömäksi nousee päivä laskee päivä lyrics yöhoitajan maailmasta blogi

Natural Resources and Extractive Industry Platform (NREIP)

veszelka tamás x faktor The Natural Resources and Extractive Industry Platform (NREIP) is a civil society platform improving CSOs capacity to influence decision-making processes especially in natural resources management and extractive industry. NREIP also works with enabling environment for civil society in Mozambique. Kepa is partnering with Centre for Public Integrity which is currently coordinating NREIP.  Our cooperation focuses on supporting the implementation of NREIP's lobbying work and campaigns.

Justica Ambiental (JA!)

osingon ennakonpidätys ilmoittaminen Justiça Ambiental (JA!) works with communities in different parts of Mozambique focusing on environmental issues and corporate accountablity. JA! has always been one of the most notable CSOs labelled as radical in Mozambique. What makes JA! strong is its members' commitment and research abilities. In almost every positioning JA! is one of those few organisations that comes up with research based positions pointing out facts that are crucial to the national and global environment. Kepa supports JA!'s advocacy work and our joint objective is to strenghten the organisational capacity and sustainablity of JA!.

Mozambican Debt Group (GMD)

limellä marinoitu lohi Mozambican Debt Group (GMD) is a coalition of NGOs, syndicates, religious groups, social communication organs, peasant associations and individuals that comprises of academics, investigators, journalists, and other people interested in discussing and advocating for solutions on development issues, sustainable management of public resources and external debt. Our objective for the partnership is to strengthen GMD's networking capacity as well as to improve their monitoring and advocacy skills in relation to public financial management in Mozambique.

Non-Government Organizations League (JOINT)

jarkko ahola joulukonsertti kokemäki JOINT is a national CSO platform promoting the culture of dialogue, cooperation, peace keeping and socio-economic development among its members and in relation with the government. Kepa supports JOINT to enhance its capacity in coordinating CSOs' advocacy actions for enabling environment for civil society and participation in public decision making processes.

Partners in Nicaragua

Centro Humboldt

maatilojen määrä kunnittain Centro Alexander von Humboldt, or better known just as Centro Humboldt, is a non-profit association contributing to equitable sustainable environmental management with a rights-based focus on national, regional and global levels. Kepa endorses Centro Humboldt's programme focusing on three sub-programmes: climate change, sustainable management of natural resources, and risk and disaster management.

myöntää synonyymi fi The objective of our partnership is to strengthen the institutional capacity of Centro Humboldt to support vulnerable groups to defend their rights, to advocate for sustainable management of natural resources, and to reduce the negative impacts of climate change to their livelihood.

Partners in Tanzania

Media Council Tanzania (MCT)

aine joka ei johda sähköä Media Council Tanzania (MCT) is a non-statutory self-regulatory body established by media actors. Kepa endorses the overall objective of MCT's programme strategy which is to expand the freedom of expression and media freedom in Tanzania as well as to ensure high professional standards and accountability of the media to be able to contribute effectively to development and democratic processes, providing the citizens with critical means of holding their leaders accountable.

sairaanhoitaja pääsykoe englanti Kepa and MCT have a joint interest in promoting enabling environment for civil society in Tanzania, and most of Kepa's support is directed to Coalition on the Right to Information (CORI) which is coordinated by MCT. CORI aims to ensure that laws that can be potentially used to limit the space for civil society are removed or modified. Currently CORI is working especially with the Cyber Crime and Statistics Law as well as with the Media Service Bill and Access to Information Act.

Policy Forum Limited (PF)

nokia lumia 800 ei käynnisty eikä lataudu Policy Forum (PF) is a well-known reputable civil society network of over 100 NGOs incorporated as a non-profit company. PF members are drawn together by specific interest in influencing policy processes to enhance poverty reduction, equity and democratization in Tanzania. Policy Forum is also one of the founding members of Tanzania Tax Justice Coalition (TTJC) and is currently the coalition's coordinator. PF has also good working relations with government institutions, including the Ministry of Finance.

christel adolfsson ekenässjön Currently Kepa is partnering with Policy Forum to support TTJC. Our joint objective is to support civil society advocacy on tax justice through monitoring and analysing the effectiveness of tax system and policies in Tanzania. One objective of the partnership is also to create stronger links between the TTJC, Policy Forum's members and regional and continental tax justice actors and networks.

Actions for Democracy and Local Governance (ADLG)

le boisé victoriaville Actions for Democracy and Local Governance (ADLG) is a civil society organization aiming to mobilize critical mass in rural communities in Shinyanga, Mwanza and Karagwe to better engage in local governance. ADLG works on coaching change agents in communities affected by a diversity of poverty and development challenges. The ADLG-Kepa partnership focuses on communities living near large mines. 

cabañas lejano nahuel san carlos bariloche Our objectives for this partnerships are to support inhabitants in Kahama, Kishapu and Geita Districts to assess the challenges and opportunities that they face due to large mining as well as to identify solutions to their problems. Another objective is to inform the policy makers in the region about the above problems and proposed solutions.


leifheit wäscheständer pegasus 200 deluxe mobile ForumCC is the network of Tanzanian CSOs working on climate change. Kepa supports Forum CC to influence national and global climate change policies and instruments. ForumCC will lobby for more adaptation funds through domestic mobilization and international sources, and learn about new ways to reach that objective.